Justin Winters
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (Season 1)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Student


Family & Friends
Family: Carla McCrae (Sister)
Relationships: Bobby Stavelonto (boyfriend)
Sexuality: Gay
Enemies: New Directions
Series Information
First appearance: Love Today
Portrayer: Taylor Lautner
Justin Winters is one of the recurring characters in the FanFiction: Glee, New Paths, New Directions, written by Camsay. He along with Bobby Stavelonto are the lead singers of the Dalton Academy Warblers.

Background StoryEdit

Justin was born in the big city, and lived in there until the age of six. His family died in a terrible car crash when he was ony six years of age. No-one out of the eight family members survived except him. As both of his parents were single children, he was forced to live in a care home along with several other children. At the age of eight, he was adopted by the McCrae family. Since a young age he has been interested in photography and has been members of various AV clubs. After getting in several fights at various schools he was forced to attend Dalton Academy where he met, his now current boyfriend, Bobby Stavelonto. Back then, they were just best friends. Justin was the first one to come out of the pair, he told Bobby first, who then broke down and told Justin that he was gay too and that he had a massive crush on Bobby. The same day he came out to his adoptive family, who were extrememly supportive. He then came out to his school and fellow Warblers, they were accepting because of the 'legend' Blaine Anderson. A few weeks later he started to date Bobby, sharing their first kiss in a Warbler practice.
He is the lead singer of the Glee Club.


He is a very out-going person who wants to be the best at everything. If he doesn't like you, he wont sit down and say he doesn't like you, he'll just go upto you and punch you in the face. He can be very bitchy when he wants too. He has bipolar disorder which means he has various mood swings; he can be hapy one minute then angry the next. Inside, he only looks for sex and soesn't car about hurting other people's feelings like Bobby.

Songs PerformedEdit


Solos In a DuetEdit

Hit The Lights by Selena Gomez & The Scene. Sung with Bobby .

Solos In a Group NumberEdit

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